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Welcome to the Counselor's Corner!  As I receive information from colleges and other organizations, I will collect it and create links to it here.


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 Remember that, in most cases, your college admissions test scores must be sent from ACT and/or SAT directly. Therefore, if you know for sure to which colleges you are applying, you can go ahead and request those to be sent in. If not, there is a link on the website which will allow you to have test scores sent to any school for a small fee. Also, don't forget to make those personal contacts with your recruiters.  It's not too early for second semester sophomores to begin doing that, and juniors you should all be making contact with recruiters at colleges you are interested in as well!




Scholarship Opportunities


The following information has been mailed or emailed to the guidance office. Remember to look for other opportunities on the websites of colleges and universities that interest you. Also remember, that only you can apply for and earn scholarships, and the deadline to apply for scholarships is almost always earlier than the general application deadline.  One of the best ways to make sure you don't miss important scholarship deadlines is to make your admissions applications early, be in personal contact with an admissions counselor at each college to which you are applying, and start your scholarship applications as soon as they are open.



Linly Heflin Scholarship

This scholarship is $4000 per year for four years and is awarded to a limited number of Alabama women who have both significant financial need and sound academic records. Requirements: 1) Restricted to a four-year, Alabama SACS accredited college, 2) minimum ACT score of 23, 3) Alabama resident, 4) Financial need, 5) Academic proficiency.


Download an application here. The completed application, including 2015 fall transcript, must be postmarked by January 9, 2016.





Scrip: Year-Round Fundraiser



If your children attend ECCS, then you have probably heard the word "Scrip," but you might not yet fully understand just how easy and beneficial this year-round fund raising program can be to you and to ECCS.  This program can allow you, just through your routine shopping, to save hundreds of dollars on your your tuition costs while contributing the same amount to ECCS.  It could even allow you to choose to bless other families who you know may be in need of tuition assistance.  By including grandparents, other relatives, businesses you may own or work for, you can really increase the amount of rebates you can earn.


The Great Lakes Scrip Center works with non-profits like ECCS and businesses who wish to give back to those non-profits through providing the non-profits with discounted gift cards from participating retailers.


The concept is really simple:  Plan, budget, shop with scrip, and earn rebates toward your child's tuition AND to help support ECCS.  For details on how the program works, click here.


If you are interested in setting up a Scrip account, simply contact either of our wonderful Scrip volunteer coordinators Donnalee Blankenship or Courtney Webb. They will be happy to give you our school enrollment codes, help you determine how you wish your Scrip rebates to be distributed








So many of our school's activities and programs, including some of the programs that bring the most enjoyment to our students, depend upon volunteer planning and participation We ask that every family consider how they might contribute to ECCS in the form of volunteer work--a good rule of thumb is that every family contribute a minimum of five volunteer hours, though we know that many of our families exceed that number by a great deal.


Planning and participating in school activities as a volunteer is also one of the best ways for parents to get to know other parents and get to know the teachers.  Our school is often described as a "family," and that is an apt description.  As a family, we work together to make good things happen.  If you haven't been called upon to volunteer or if it's been a while since you were part of our volunteer team, let us know what types of activities you are interested in volunteering for by emailing us here and we'll give you a call!

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